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BitKAM (KAM) First IEO Listing on P2PB2B Exchange with 30% Bonus

BitKAM (KAM), a native token of the BitKAM Network will start its first IEO listing on P2PB2B Exchange on Nov 18th 2019. KAM is ERC20 standard token on Ethereum blockchain. BitKAM Network is a complete ecosystem which includes the BitKAM Network, BitKAM Cyptocurrency Exchange, BitKAM Token (KAM) and BitKAM Charity. 

With the total supply of 21 billion, the BitKAM Network will release KAM into two stages. The first stage (11 billion KAM) is for the network to establish its structure. This includes the foundation, the team, the legal work, shareholders, investors and incentive and bonus programs and also fee reducing programs for the BitKAM Digital Asset Exchange launched in Q1 2020 (reducing up to 85% of fees). The second stage (10 billion) is for building the BitKAM crypto social network through free token referral programs and the BitKAM (KAM) interest and incentive programs for investors and shareholders which are up to 15% per year, and other programs created by BitKAM Network.

In order to start the most important part of BitKAM Network’s first stage, BitKAM (KAM) will start IEO listing on P2PB2B Exchange on Nov 18th 2019 with 30% bonus. Everyone can buy KAM with the standard price of $0.01 USD/KAM. The BitKAM Network encourages everyone to take advantage of this IEO listing with 30% bonus. BitKAM (KAM) will be listed on many other exchanges and on the BitKAM Exchange as well after the end of IEO listings.

For more information of BitKAM (KAM) IEO listing on P2PB2B Exchange please click here:

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