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The BITKAM Solution

BitKAM (KAM) Token is now listed on P2PB2B, Sistemkoin, ProBit, VinDAX, EtherFlyer, and SWFTBlockchain

Over the past seven months, BitKAM team has been working hard to build its network. BitKAM (KAM) token, native token, a standard erc20 ethereum token plays an important part in the BitKAM Network ecosystem. BitKAM (KAM) is now listed on six exchanges and the BitKAM team continues to list KAM on more exchanges in the near future before the BitKAM Digital Asset Exchange will be run in Q1 2020.

BitKAM (KAM) links on exchanges:

  1. P2PB2B Exchange
  2. Sistemkoin Exchange
  3. VinDAX Exchange
  4. ProBit Exchange
  5. EtherFlyer Exchange
  6. SWFTBlockchain

BitKAM (KAM), a native token of the BitKAM Network that is a complete ecosystem which includes the BitKAM Network, BitKAM Cyptocurrency Exchange, BitKAM Token and BitKAM Charity


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