BitKAM Token


The BitKAM exchange drives innovative features to help solve past industry exchange problems.
Its KAM token is built on the ethereum ERC20 protocol.

BitKAM Token (KAM) - native BitKAM token

BitKAM Token, native token – ERC20 Standard Token on Ethereum most important token issuance to the BitKAM ecosystem providing a secure payment system to any participants including the BitKAM foundation and its management team, shareholders, distributors, affiliates, etc and also other companies, partners, related business activities..

Providing incentives to any holders, participants, and bonus programs to any activities relating to the BitKAM ecosystem.

Available to access, buy sell trade, hold or cash out at super fast speeds.

Super Fast and Reliable (10x current exchange speed, high internet capacity speed).

Transparency (real time 24/7 recorded, high performance transparency.

Security (multi- layer high firewall security, 24/7 team monitor, cyber security experts responsible for codes and inputs, multi signature requirements for digital assets running, both hot and cold wallets).

Friendly design (Very simple friendly design look for users to interact and create support web browser chrome, ie, firefox, safari, tablet,IOS, android and other platform.

Wallet: Hot and cold wallet (have access and store cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Multi Language support.

Fast 24/7 support team.

KYC, AML systems built it for global regulations and compliance.


Residents of the USA and China are not allowed to participate in the BitKAM Token Offering.
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