The BitKAM core team is a team of experts, advisors, executives, who are partnering with other firms both in the emerging blockchain world as well as traditional industries.
The team more than 20 years experiences running high tech ventures provides the best team to help support new BitKAM users thrive as they buy sell trade, hold, cash out with reliable, transparent, high security platforms and 24/7 support.
Founder & CEO

MA in Media Communications, Proficiency in Management and Supervisory Development


Travelling to many countries all over the world every year over his 30+ years working in marketing


Having a Master's Degree, he has been working for big firms and his own firm for over 40 years.


Mr. Michael Lajtay is a veteran of the consumer product industry and an accomplished entrepreneur.


Over 40 years of experience in entrepreneurial business development and product development.

Project Lead

MA in computer science, project lead, taking care of IT structure

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