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About Us

With the¬† BitKAM Exchange comes new solutions to address the challenges and problems of exponential¬† growth with cryptocurrency exchanges… We have over 20 years combined management experiences running fin tech platforms, marketing platforms and running successful global enterprises worldwide.
Faster Speed
Code Blocks
Global Network
New Standards
Q4 2019
Unlocking BitKAM Ecosystem
Activating Incentives and Bonus Programs (BitKAM Token Holders)
Q1 2020
Beta Test
BitKAM Exchange Beta Test and Release
Q2 2020
Marketing and Social Network Established
Q3 2020
Extended Cryptocurrencies and Tokens Listed on the Exchange
Q4 2020
Complete Ecosystem
Completed BitKAM Ecosystem Established

Our Team

Founder & CEO

MA in Media Communications, Proficiency in Management and Supervisory Development


Travelling to many countries all over the world every year over his 30+ years working in marketing


Having a Master's Degree, he has been working for big firms and his own firm for over 40 years.

BitKAM Token Sale

21 Billion Tokens Authorized - 11 Billion Tokens Available
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